Monday, August 12, 2013

Time to Head Back In...

Today I get to head back into school.  We've had trainings almost weekly (Daily 5, CAFE, Lucy Calkins Writing, technology) and I've been in a lot on my own to put my room back together.  Today though I'm heading in to do running records.

Our district tried this successfully last year, so we are at it again.  Most of us HATE how much time testing the kids take, although it's needed in this case to see how students are as readers when we know nothing else about them.  With classes always around 24, it takes the first month of September to get through all the students with our Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment kits.

So to help this problem, kids were able to sign up anytime from 8am - 8pm all this week.  Teachers are paid (nice, huh?!) to come it at assigned shifts and assess the students.  It was so enjoyable last year because you don't have to manage 23 other darlings while trying to read with one.  I was so much better at picking up at reading behaviors and actually have a decent conversation after reading.  The only drawback is that you don't get all your students so you're still a little blind to their reading until you get to know them better.   I'm so looking forward to it even though I'll miss putting my son to bed all week!  :(   This might be an idea to bring to your school!

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